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An insurance company´s most valuable asset is the business it has written over time. For a variety of sound business reasons, an insurance company may have to make the hard decision to divest itself of a given line of business. At Mystic we believe that a seller should always retain the services of an intermediary firm when making a divestiture. 

For starters, the intermediary can locate, screen and qualify potential buyers without identifying you as the seller. Only the serious buyers, we have qualified, will learn that you are selling, thus preserving confidentiality of your intent to your field force, policyholders and staff until appropriate.  Your intermediary would also have the feel for the marketability of your property.

Mystic can prepare your offering document, valuations of properties to be divested, negotiate on your behalf, draft all necessary agreements and assist with any reinsurance needs. Our staff is comprised of nothing but insurance professionals with tangible reinsurance experience. At Mystic your project matters to us regardless of its size. Every transaction involves our collective expertise and our entire staff is dedicated to moving your project to a successful conclusion. 

When you objectively compare Mystic´s industry contacts, technical expertise, commitment to service and cost there is only one clear choice ~ MYSTIC ~


Companies consider acquiring insurance properties for many reasons. For some, it is to make a first-time entrance into the market. Others wish to expand their business base to recognize economies of scale, and some merely want diversification in their existing operation. But regardless of your reason for seeking an acquisition ~ Mystic can help!

We specialize in helping companies enter the insurance/reinsurance industry. Therefore, we maintain an extensive inventory of ´clean´ shells and constantly monitor the industry for additional shells. Mystic can also help if your target is a fully operational company. Often Mystic brings an intimate knowledge of the target´s management or business gained from past dealings through our reinsurance practice. Mystic uses this knowledge and relationship with their management to provide you with the best available information that will lead to a successful negotiation.

Companies seeking books of business, will benefit from Mystic´s wealth of experience in the reinsurance arena. We can provide the full service of a professional reinsurer ~ so you can assume your target block with confidence in both product assumptions and treaty structure.

Whether you are a first time buyer looking to enter the insurance market or a well-established insurer yourself, Mystic can expedite your search. ~ MYSTIC ~

For more information please contact us at Mystic Insurance Intermediaries at 262-538-4910 or.... 


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