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Overview ~ The economic and regulatory impact of the 00´s and 10´s dramatically altered the relationship between ceding company and reinsurer. Treaties prepared by a reinsurer can no longer be taken for granted. It can not be assumed that such treaties will include and deliver exactly what you intended. With the complexity of state regulatory requirements, treaty review by an objective third party is extremely important.

Services ~ Mystic will help you find the right reinsurance partner for your company´s specific needs. We will oversee the entire transaction and even draft the treaty for you if needed. Expand your options by letting us introduce you to companies that may not specialize in reinsurance, but that would be able and willing to accept your business as a reinsurer. Mystic can help your staff prepare the reinsurance cession reports and assist you in determining and facilitating the capture of the information the reinsurer will require. We will also help you monitor the financial stability of your reinsurance partner and the book of business reinsured.

Compliance ~ When reserve credits are at issue, Mystic will help you structure the reinsurance agreement to make sure those reserve credits will be acceptable to your insurance department. Mystic is a fully licensed reinsurance intermediary which assures you that our activities will be in compliance with your State.

Coinsurance ~ The lifeblood of any insurance organization is the capital necessary to support new business writings. For over three decades, Mystic has been a leader in helping companies find access to this precious resource through reinsurance. We pioneered the treaty design that solved the “full transfer of risk“ issue to be in compliance with state regulations. When you need capital Mystic is your best source.

Special Risk ~ Your regular automatic reinsurers offer some, but probably not all, of the reinsurance products you need. Mystic can help when it comes to finding a reinsurance outlet for your non-traditional insurance products such as Bulk ADB, long term care, stop loss and specialty health reinsurance coverages.

Assumption Reinsurance ~ Whether you are the buyer or seller of a bloc of business, Mystic can assist either party in drafting reinsurance treaties that will be fair to both sides. In many instances before going to assumption reinsurance, coinsurance treaties, administrative service agreements and trust agreements become a necessity. Mystic can help you through this process.

Due Diligence ~ Mystic believes that a successful reinsurance treaty requires constant vigilance. Whether it be modeling the business reinsured or auditing the actual treaty accounting Mystic can assist you in monitoring your treaty.

Summary ~ Let Mystic be your reinsurance “back room“ and serve as a cost effective and efficient adjunct to your staff.

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